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Crude Oil Facilitators

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We are dedicated crude oil buyers and seller brokers or facilitators.

We achieve this oil buying and selling facilitating service by;

  1. By rapidly connecting potential qualified buyers with qualified sellers and facilitating the sale of bonny light crude oil.
  2. Setting up direct contact between qualified buyers and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and facilitating the buying of bonny light crude oil.

We have access to a vast network of potential oil buyers and sellers in the oil industry to rapidly broker or facilitate the buying and selling of Nigerian Bonny light crude oil, BLCO, Saudi Light Crude Oil, SLCO, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, D2 Diesel Oil, AGO, JP54, Mazut and many other petroleum products.

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Facilitation Service

As intermediate bridging the gap between producer and consumer terms

As producers more and more seek to sell on CIF and cash payment basis while European consumers continue to prefer to receive material delivered at plant with payment terms, the gap in preferred contract terms between both parties is widening. For producers and consumers who prefer to keep a direct relationship with each other, but are unable to accept each others commercial terms, Commoditiy Bridges can fulfill the role of a neutral intermediate. As facilitator we act as provider of services that producers are no longer offering such as storage, logistics, payment terms and price risk management.

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