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Flexible approach, service minded, broad experience

Commodity Bridges was founded in September 2016. As traditional commodity suppliers are less able to provide the services that European industrial buyers need, Commmodity Bridges was established to fill this gap. From start-up, there are four employees with an established track record in physical metal marketing, futures trading, risk management, logistics and contract execution. All having experienced the change in market dynamics, we are eager to move ahead in service.

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Our Prime Focus

It should be understood that our prime focus is  working directly with end-buyers (such as oil refineries) or re-sellers of crude oil that have the available funds to purchase Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil, BLCO, AGO, D2 Diesel oil, JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut & more.
We work directly with crude oil & other petroleum products buyers and sellers, small, medium and large companies, corporations, refineries and governments.

Commodity Bridges | Commodities Facilitation Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to service both producers and consumers of primary metals by bridging the gap between sales and purchase requirements in terms of pricing, volume, logistics, storage and payment terms. We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to its clients, whilst at the same time maintaining a friendly and personal service on which our Company is based.

Commodity Bridges | Commodities Facilitation Company

Our strategy

Our strategy is to act as an intermediary in the commodity supply chain by offering:
  • Straight forward off-take terms and/or marketing services to producers,
  • Customized sales to consumers in terms of volumes, price, logistics and payment terms.
Different from the typical trading companies that are deriving value from paper and/or physical position taking, our aim is to keep our pricing transparent and earn a service fee by providing marketing and supply services to the industry. Discreet and reliable, we stand out by our flexible, transparent and service minded approach. Our services are further detailed under the ‘Service’ page.